The project


A unique design & build project.

Before it become KEDGE BS,on july 1st,2013 BEM and the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce worked with a programmiste (Project Programming Engineer) so as to ensure specifications were in line with the requirements and constraints, given the nature of the School activities and the specificities of the existing building.
The request for proposals was won by construction company SEG/FAYAT, in association with three Bordeaux-based architect agencies (Luc Arsene Henry & Triaud, Ragueneau & Roux and Air Architectes).
Together, they have devised a building with strong symbolic undertones and designed as a living space in its own right. KEDGE BS 2014 presented a range of challenges however: technical complexity, notably with a suspended structure for lecture halls; an outdoor sports field on the roof; a requirement for optimal value-for-money for the underground car park; a strong environmental stance...

A unique building for a unique history

Above all, this unique project is about men and women working and pulling their skills together to create a building which is both ambitious and mindful of the original structure.
Construction will start in spring 2012, inducing major changes within KEDGE BS and starting a whole new chapter in its long history.